There are various steps in the web site design and development process. Spit Digital Creative will start by gathering your initial content/information, to the creation and implementation of your web site, and finally to maintenance and updating.

The exact process will vary slightly from web developer to web developer, but the basics usually are the same if done correctly. The process begins with gathering information from you the client, planning your functionality, creating a wireframe/color fill design, development, testing, delivery and finally maintenance/updating. We took this process and broke it down to simplify it into three steps.































After we talked about your concept in detail, we then create a wireframe. A wireframe is a simple visual guide or blueprint created with boxes, lines and rectangles to show you what the basic structure of a web page will look like. It suggests the configuration of a page, without utilizing text and/or graphics. The wireframe will and can also show the entire site design and also can include what pages link to where.

Wireframes are the most cost-efficient and best ways to begin your design work. While it's possible to create complicated wireframes with incredible amounts of detail, your planning can start with something as simple as a piece of scratch paper and a pencil. We will use more than paper and pencil, but you get the idea. Once approved, we are ready for the next step.







Now that the wireframe concept has been approved, we want to add the branding "skin" to your website to give it life with color, logo, real pictures and text.

Your basic website structure has now become what the end-user client will see on the web. That's right - a real website layout and design without the interactivity. We will review the full design and color fill and once approved, we are ready for the next step.










So now we are ready to add interactivity to the design color fill and the ONLY way to accomplish that is to add code. You guessed it, this is the programming stage of the website development process. Everything from beginning with the discussion, the site map, the layout design wireframe to the full design & color fill is all SET IN STONE. All your decisions have been made and we are actually building your functioning website to be placed LIVE on the web.

This is the time where we will be tweaking and testing for every platform possible to give you the best webs product possible. This is also the process where links are programmed live and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is added if you choose that option, which is added by our third party developing partner and the terms and conditions can be found under our link SEO. Once the website is complete and approved, we upload you LIVE and direct to the World Wide Web. Did you hear that? The gates just opened and you're off to the races with your web presence.



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